Dashboard Overview

The dashboard gives you the most important information on your overall company financials. Watch the video below for a full explanation.

  1. Invoiced: Total amount invoiced in this specific time period as in: this year, this month etc. 
  2. Collected: Total amount of money collected within that time period
  3. Expenses: Total amount of all expenses you’ve entered within that time period. 
  4. Outstanding: Total amount of your invoices outstanding but not necessarily past due
  5. Past Due: Total amount of how much money is past the terms of when the customer should have payed you.
  6. Net Profit: Your true profit. Calculated off of what’s been invoiced versus what the expenses are.
On the right-hand side you can see your aging summary of invoices. So how many invoices you’ve issued in 30 days, 31-60 and so on.
Financial performance shows you a graph, if you hover over it you’ll be able to see month by month of what you’ve invoiced, collected, expenses and also profit and loss.
You can turn these on and off (bellow) by clicking one of the options to change your graph.

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